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Fitness is for everyone!

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Body Toning Classes: Sculpt Your Strength, Define Your Form 

The in-person Body Toning classes cater to those looking to enhance their strength, sculpt their physique, and achieve overall body toning.  No equipment needed but you need to bring your Yoga mat and/or a towel and water. Join us and book below to see the available dates. 


Personal In-Person or Online Training Classes: Your Journey, Your Coach, Your Results

My Personal in-person or online Training Classes bring the expertise of a certified fitness coach directly to you - either in a gym, outdoors or online - providing a customised workout program designed to meet your individual goals and preferences.  Embark on Your Personalized Fitness Journey. Book a Trial Personal Training Class or contact me for a FREE 30 Minutes consultation.  


Online Group Fitness: Sculpting Strength Anywhere

My virtual fitness class is for all levels and dedicated to helping you sculpt your strength, enhance your endurance, and achieve body toning goals from the comfort of your own space. Every Wednesday Morning I offer a 30-Min Abs and Booty Workout session and you can book a trial class here. Join us in this interactive online fitness experience by booking a class below. 


Online Fitness Consultation: Your Pathway to Personalized Wellness

During your online fitness consultation, I will conduct a personalised assessment of your current health, fitness level, and individual goals. This forms the foundation for creating a customised plan that aligns with your fitness aspirations.  Take the first step towards a healthier, fitter you by scheduling your first consultation below. 

Enjoy the class with our
Exclusive Plans.

Best Value

7 Afrobeat Bodytoning

CHF 105


Save 70.- on 7 Body Toning Sessions

Valid for 6 months

Bodyfit Afrobeat GZ Schütze

Bodyfit Afrobeat GZ Buchegg

4 Afrobeat Bodytoning Sessions

CHF 80


Join 4 classes and save 20.-

Valid for 6 months

Bodyfit Afrobeat GZ Schütze

Bodyfit Afrobeat GZ Buchegg

Online Group Fitness On Fire

CHF 165


7 Group sessions and 1 FREE and 10.- discount

Valid for 12 months

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