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JK Fitness

Group and Personal Fitness Trainer

Fitness is for everyone!

Track and Field inspired fitness classes with your own bodyweight! Focus on body toning, stability, strength and well being. 

Secluded Fitness Studio

Online Corporate Health and Fitness 

Designed for busy professionals, this online class tackles the challenges of extended desk hours. Sessions focus on strengthening and stretching the back, neck, and spine, improving posture, and incorporating core and lower body exercises. Each class concludes with breathing and relaxation techniques, ensuring a comprehensive approach to maintaining physical wellness in a demanding work environment.

Afrobeats Fitness in Zürich

Join us for dynamic Bodytoning sessions, where the pulsating beats of Afrobeats set the stage for a lively experience. Each class bears a unique name in homage to an African country, and the music playlist is thoughtfully curated from that specific region.

Reserve your spot and kickstart your Afrobeats fitness journey with me!

*Bring your yoga mat, changing rooms available but no showers. 

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Want to collaborate?

I provide opportunities for partnerships, including joint ventures, content creation, social media campaigns, and co-hosting events. My fitness classes can also be customised for organisations based on specific needs.

Whether you're interested in a fitness marketing collaboration or a wellness initiative, I'm ready to offer dynamic fitness solutions. Let's unite to champion health, well-being, and mindfulness in our communities.

Reach out, and together we can create a healthier, more vibrant world through the power of fitness.


Partnership with Ela Mo Rucksäcke, 2021

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Client Feedbacks

Kossiwa is a wonderful instructor, very knowledgeable and deeply focusing on helping her clients. I really enjoyed her classes, the routines are amazing and results even better! Definitely recommend!

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